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If you like what SCUEC is doing for the equine industry in the upstate, you can now take part by becoming a member of this organization.  The funds derived from membership dues will go toward our various projects and enable us to continue what we have started.  Download the PDF above for a very affordable membership application.  It will take only a few minute of your time to show you care.

If you would like an even more vital role, please consider our Board of Directors.  This is where decisions are made and the organization is governed.  We have a number of Directors who will be retiring after this year so we will have vacancies to fill.  It does involve your commitment of time and talent but well worth the investment if you want to help promote the mission we have undertaken.

For information on how you can apply and what is involved for this position, please contact any of our current directors for more information or send us an email at We have a caring, cohesive team and would like this to continue!