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FYI: 9/10/2018 9am: Update on Hurricane Evacuation Orders for SC residents:

Please remember:  In SC there are no voluntary evacuations anymore. All evacuation orders are mandatory and can only be issued by the Governor.

At this time, there are no emergency evacuation orders for SC. Please watch for hurricane updates regularly

Hurricane Planning

6.25.2018  It is that time of year again! A case of rabies was recently reported in a Bobcat in Bowersville, Georgia. Among wild animals, the disease is most often reported in skunks and raccoons but is also found in bats and foxes. Rabies is usually transmitted from the saliva of an infected animal via a bite wound.
Infected horses may show common signs, including depression, lack of coordination and aggressive behavior, or display more obscure signs such as lameness or colic. 

Every case of rabies presents a death sentence to an infected horse, and a risk of infection for other horses. Because the signs of rabies can vary so widely and the disease is so serious, some experts recommend that horse owners think of rabies first whenever they see unexplained clinical signs in horses.
Remember: Disease prevention through vaccination and good management is the best preventive measure for the horse, owner and equine veterinarian. 

6.9.2018 Latest Update on the ELD mandate and effects on horse owners:

6.9.2018 Clemson Master Equine Certification Seminar

4.9.2018 Horse Pasture Management pdf – Workshop & Field Day. Clemson Extension Service. April 20, 2018.

4.9.2018 See a few of the candid shots from our Spring Fling Horse show on our Gallery Page.

3.4.2018 There have been several changes in the Equine Vet population and coverage area in that last few months in Upstate SC. Here is a list of those practicing in the area. It may not be complete so if you are, or know of a vet to add to this list, please let us know.

Here is a link to a PDF for you to download  EquineVets in Upstate SC 2018

2.20.2018   Thank-you Chris Heintze Director of the T. Ed Garrison Arena, Cocoa-Cola Company, and Clemson University for participating in the SCUEC Scholarship Program and helping to sponsor the 2018 Spring Fling Horse Show.

2.18.2018   During a meeting on Feb.18, 2018, the DOT informed the AHC that a new website specifically tailored to the agricultural industry will be unveiled in the next week, with a dedicated contact for agricultural questions, and they will begin to develop a F.A.Q. to more clearly address the questions which they receive.

The AHC encourages the industry to reach out to state law enforcement to determine how best to comply with state regulations. For further information, scroll down this page and start reading the information ‘Not for Hire’.

Watch for updates here.