Check back often as we add pictures from new events. 

Pictures from the November6, 2021 SCUEC Hunter Pace and Cowboy Trail Ride…. Lots of Smiles!

2018 Spring Fling All Breed Horse Show. Here are a few pictures from the horse show. Many more awesome pictures can be found on Megan Miller’s website:

2018 Hunter Pace training session! Sometimes we just need to seize the moment and get the training done. Thanks to Dr. Poag Reid and Dale Massey for helping with a difficult loading situation.

2018 Hunter Pace and Trail Ride. It was a lovely sunny day, perfect for a winter ride in the forest. Clemson trails are the greatest!

2017 Horse Play In May

2016 Horse Play In May

2014 & 2015 Horse Play In May

Trail Rides and Trailhead  Upgrades 2013-2017

Beginnings of SCUEC